The Oscars are propaganda for globalism and imperialism

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – It is increasingly clear that the Oscars does not take as a fundamental criterion the quality of works and prizes, and that its purpose is essentially to convey a liberal ideological message whose purpose is to strengthen liberal global hegemony and pave the way for globalism.

The relativization of quality is not new, because the award has always been carried out by blockbusters, where what prevails is the quantification of income, of public, etc. But what comes into the place of quality today is not quantity, but a spirit of “progressive cross-borderism.”

In this “progressive cross-border”, what counts is the offer of more “representativeness” and “empowerment” of “minorities”, the defense of “diversity” and anything other than rewarding quality: everything under the Oscars is “too white,” “too masculine,” or “too much hetero.”

This ceased to be a discreet sub-text and, in the last award, became the official propaganda line of the event, repeated by all presenters and most of the participating artists.

It would be a waste of time to cite specific cases, but we can say that the last Oscars was the most politically propagandistic of all, entitled to a pro-terrorist documentary on the Syrian War and another on the myths of Russian doping. Some indications were clearly there to occupy a niche of “representativeness,” not the quality of the work.

But the only novelty is the openness of the propagandistic nature of the event. In practice, it has always been propagandistic, albeit a little more subtle in most cases, in order to bury the aggressive nature of its ideological propaganda under the veil of “good sense” or “normality” (as in the decades in which Russian, Arab, or Asian villains were ubiquitous).

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Today, the Oscars serve for the entire American elite to come together, patting each other’s backs, showing how progressive they are, with their anti-Trump speeches, while advocating the destruction of Syria and harassing Russia, the Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

But all this is positive. What remained discreetly or surreptitiously, and was only perceived by more politically educated people, is now open and clear even to the most naive people, to the point of making the Oscars ceremony untold for countless people.

In practice, the current Oscars message can be summarized as follows: there is no problem in financing terrorists who cut off children’s heads and cause bloodbaths, nor bomb civilians or impose embargoes and sanctions that increase the risk of hunger, since  we are simultaneously caressing the ego of minorities and giving them the opportunity to terrorize and massacre innocents of other peoples as well.

The farce of the Oscar is exposed today.

Translated from Nova Resistencia.


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