Patriarch Kirill disappointed with distortion of history

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Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia met with Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. The head of the Church and the head of Bulgaria discussed the relations between the peoples of the two countries and the ‘historical truth’.

Patriarch Kirill expressed some disappointment with the words of the Bulgarian leader, who on the eve of the dedicated parade thanked not the Russian army as a whole for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke, but the various peoples that made it up-Russians, Poles, Romanians, Finns, Ukrainians, Belarusians and others.

The Patriarch noted that we “won our historical truth with our own blood.  I want to frankly say that it was difficult for me to hear all these references to the participation of other countries in the liberation of Bulgaria, neither the Polish Sejm nor the Lithuanian Seim warred against Ottoman Turkey,” the Patriarch said.

He urged not to forget about the sacrifices that Russia brought for the freedom of Bulgaria. “If, in speaking of friendship, we forget about the sacrifices that were made in connection with the liberation of Bulgaria, these words cease to matter,” Patriarch Kirill said.

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In response, the Bulgarian president assured that he respects “every drop of blood spilled on the Bulgarian land.” “But the Russian army was multinational, and we honor the memory of every nation,” Radev said.

Patriarch Kirill thanked the president for clarifying the situation, but noted that “irrespective of the policy pursued by the state power in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian people are deeply grateful to the Russian people.” “I would advise you to remember the story no matter how the political conjuncture evolved” said Kirill.

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