PHOTOS: Polish school children show solidarity with Syria

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WYSZKOW, Poland – Primary School No. 5 in Wyszków became famous in foreign media and caused in Syria an avalanche of thanks and warm comments towards Poland.

The ceremony of solidarity of Polish children with their friends in a war-torn country began with the play of “Mazurka Dąbrowski” and the anthem of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The children donated ribbons in the state-national colors of Syria and brandished Polish and Syrian flags.

Earlier, the students together with the parents and the Wyszków community organized a collection of gifts for the suffering Syrian people, including a charity concert in which the Syrian embassy found out. The ceremony was attended by the highest diplomat of this institution, Charge d’Affaires Bassem Jamaan Aga, who wanted to personally thank Polish children and their educators.

For your good, remember the country that suffers so much – there is no word that could express my gratitude – said Charge d’Affaires – We are united by one civilization and children are always children and a human is always a human no matter where he lives. All children need to live in peace. What has been going on for seven years in Syria leads to far worse consequences than World War II – added Bassem Jamaan Aga.

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In turn, the headmaster of the school Zbigniew Szczerba drew attention to the similarities occurring in Polish and Syrian history – Many elements differ, but many are similar. Poland and Syria suffered a lot in their history: wars, hundreds of battles, invasions from other countries, loss of independence – how it is beautifully interwoven. Two nations on the edge of the world and similar in history – director Szczerba said.

The meeting was also attended by deputy mayor Anna Kowalewska and city councilors.

I am always proud of this school – said the vice-mayor. – These four pillars, of which the director spoke, have one common denominator – respect for another human being. Educate smart people – it’s difficult and I appreciate your learning results, but it’s even harder to raise good and noble people

During the ceremony, the students presented a presentation about Syria and an artistic program in which they were assisted by the guest songwriter “Oberek”. Information about the solidarity of Polish children was provided by the Syrian agency SANA News, from where it reached many Arabic-speaking media.

Translated from X-Portal.

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