Physics, biology, chemistry to disappear from Ukrainian schools


In the new academic year,  starting September 1 2018, Ukrainian schools will no longer have physics, biology and chemistry separately – these subjects will be replaced by the so-called integrated course “Natural Sciences”.

This is reported by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

As part of the course – chemistry, physics, biology, geography and other subjects of  “natural-sciences” will be studied at beginner level.  This means that “Natural Sciences” can be taught by generic teachers without additional retraining.

That is, physics can be taught by a biologist or a former geography teacher.

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The in depth study of chemistry, physics and biology will be removed from all schools, except those that are specifically specialised for them. (Some schools in the former USSR territory choose to specialise in specific fields, and usually only children who are gifted in that field choose to attend.)

The Ministry of Education believes that the deep knowledge of these disciplines to the average student is useless, and the general subject “Natural Sciences” will allow schoolchildren “to form a holistic view of the world.”


Source Rusvesna
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