Professor Filis explains why Erdogan invaded Afrin

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ATHENS, Greece – The goal of the Olive Branch forces, a coalition of the Turkish military and their Syrian jihadist puppets, and the capture of Afrina by the Turkish troops is to create a safety belt along the Turkish-Syrian border, Professor Kontandinos Filis, a Director of Research at the Institute of International Relations, said. It is also to curb the Syrian Kurds and their military organization known as the People’s Protection Units (YPG), which have close ties with the Turkey-based Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Firstly, Ankara is in conflict with Russia and with the United States supporting the Kurds fighting the Assad regime.

Secondly, Turkey is exposed to counter-attacks by the Kurdish warriors and, of course, is at risk of a resurgence of terrorism within it, with which will mean the economy and tourist industry will be targeted. The operation in Afrin, adds Mr. Filis, has clearly had an internal targeting. It serves Erdogan’s account of the great Turkey, which is a military superpower and can put it together with many opponents.

The message of the Turkish President is clear: Turkey is a regional superpower and everyone has to respect it … A message addressed to the United States that at some point should choose between their allies, the Kurds or Turkey.

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What does business in Syria’s Afrin mean for Greece? If the campaign does not have the turn that Erdogan wants, explains Mr Filis, it is very likely that we will see, for reasons of disorientation, an extraction of the crisis in the Aegean. A hot episode for demonstrating power by Erdogan. That is why Greece must be on the alert as well as the partners and allies of Greece.

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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