Putin: You failed to contain Russia [Video]

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Does the man ever stop working? On March 1st, President Putin delivered his much talked about annual address to the Federal Assembly. In the two hour presentation, he unveiled a number of new Russian technologies in the nuclear sphere . On March 2nd, he was in the Kaliningrad region speaking to a forum of journalists. On March 3rd, he was back in Moscow at Luzhniki stadium, with thousands of voters gathered for the election campaign event. Russians go to the polls on March 18th.

Overall, the annual message to the Federal Assembly (and the world) was one of peace and an invitation for antagonistic countries to negotiate – but the Western mainstream media aired only the bits that were probably intentionally supposed to sound menacing. It’s the only language they understand! Make sure to watch the first part of the speech if you haven’t already (here) – this segment features mostly the clear, coherent, peaceful message toward cooperation that Russia has always insisted upon.

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Full speech transcript in English is available on the Kremlin website.

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