Putin reveals his grandfather worked for Lenin and Stalin

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Vladimir Putin’s grandfather worked as a chef first for Lenin, then for Stalin, at one of his dachas outside Moscow, as stated by the Russian president in the new documentary by Andrei Kondrashov’s “Putin”.

Putin said that it is surprising that his grandfather and his other relatives were not repressed at this time. “But, to the contrary, they treasured such people, knowing that these are people who will not let you down,” he said.

Putin himself, while still in high school decided that he wanted to work in “security agencies and preferably in intelligence.”

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“I thought it was very interesting, somewhat romanticised,” he explains.

One person or a small group “can influence the course of whole battles, the fate of thousands of people,” and such romanticism of service to the Fatherland “is very exciting.” When asked about what patriotism means to him, Putin replied: “It’s a genuine love for the Motherland – this is the most important thing”.

Source Vesti
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