Putin says Crimea is remaining a part of Russia

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MOSCOW, Russia – Russian President Vladimir Putin has firmly announced that  returning Crimea to Ukraine is impossible under whatever circumstances.

“What are you talking about? Such circumstances do not exist and never will,” he said in response to a question asked in an interview for Andrei Kondrashov’s film “Putin,” posted on social networks, that asked whether such circumstances may ever appear.

A referendum was helped on March 16, 2014 that asked people in Crimea whether they wanted to join the Russian Federation or not. 96.77% of people voted for Crimea to be reunited with Russia. There was 83.1% of Crimeans turned out to vote in the referendum.

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Despite Crimea being an integral part of Russia with majority of people being Russian, it was transferred in 1954 to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic for economic reasons. This was not considered a major issue in the context of the Soviet Union uniting all these different republics, but has been a major problem since the Union’s collapse in 1991.



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