Putin tells Megyn Kelly not to get her hopes up that his successor will suck

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MOSCOW, Russia. President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with the American television channel NBC, said that he has been thinking about his successor from the very moment he became head of state. However, the president emphasized, regardless of his personal opinion, the country will be headed by the one whom voters vote for.

“I’ve been thinking about this since 2000,” Putin said, “it’s not harmful to think on it, but ultimately the choice will still be by the Russian people. Whether I personally prefer someone or, to the contrary, I do not like someone, candidates will come compete, and eventually the final decision will be made by the citizens of the Russian Federation. “

Putin does not believe that after he goes, those who get into power will destroy all that he worked for during his many years of work as the head of state.

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“Maybe, to the contrary, there will be people who will want to strengthen Russia, create a future for it, create a platform for development for the next generations. Why did you suddenly decide that the next person will only want to destroy? ” – he asked Megyn Kelly.

Someone in the US,  perhaps would like to see this happen – but such people are incorrect, he said.

Source Vesti
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