Putin tells of how the US tricked him

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The United States supports the current Ukrainian government, as they in fact carried out the revolution in Ukraine in 2014 and “drove themselves into a corner,” the Russian president believes.

In the new film “The World Order: 2018” Vladimir Putin said that in 2014 the US asked Russia to influence the then president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, so that he would not use the army against the opposition.

“We said: Ok. A  coup d’état took place a day later,” the Russian president said.

Answering the journalist’s question about whether this was the first time the American partners tricked him, Putin said: “So rudely and brazenly, perhaps, the first. They insinuated one thing – but, in fact, did something entirely different. ”

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Now Ukraine, through its own actions, has cut off the Donbass from itself.

“Why did they need to completely isolate these territories? Ukraine cuts these territories off from itself: how can it not be clear to anyone?”

It is very difficult to conduct a dialogue on the Ukrainian settlement, but there is no other way, except to talk and seek solutions, Vladimir Putin stressed.

Source Vesti
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