Putin to Serbia: Within hours I can send forces to defend Serbs in Kosovo

Serbian fighters constantly fly over the heads of the Albanians!

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MOSCOW, Russia – Rapid developments stem from Putin-Vucic’ communication after the episodes in North Mitrovica/Kosovo. “Do not have any doubt that I will send immediate forces if necessary. I will not leave my most important partner and ally in Europe defenseless,” the Russian president stressed in his Serbian counterpart and now we are heading for new adventures in the region.

The news makes the rounds of Serbia.

Characteristically, Serbian fighters are whistling continuously over Albanian heads in Presevo for the second consecutive day

Russian President Vladimir Putin in the new telephone communication with the Serbian president said according to Serbian media:

“In an attempt to occupy the northern part of Kosovo by Albanian special forces or a new pogrom against the Serbs, Russia will immediately send significant military assistance.”

This translates to the sending of a Russian airborne brigade by all means, which under UN Resolution 1244 is feasible, because Russia is simply a party to the “security” of the former Yugoslav province.

“The Russian Federation is fully committed to Kosovo Serbs by all means to defend them against a possible assault,” Putin also said.

In the event that a new pogrom against the Serbs in the province begins with Albanian police operations aimed at occupying the northern part of Kosovo, Moscow will immediately send significant military assistance,” the Kremlin said.

This was one of the key messages that Vladimir Putin had yesterday said in a telephone conversation with his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic.

President Putin officially designated Serbia as “the most important partner and ally in Europe,” according to sources from the Kremlin, and Belgrade is counting on the maximum support and protection.

Putin recently gave a mandate to his generals and other military experts to develop a military intervention plan that would help Serbia in a possible “engagement” with NATO and the West.

These plans provide that Russian convoy transport fighters not later than two hours will be allowed to fly in Serbian territory with a core mission to North Korea to act to protect Serbs and their national interests.

There is also a detailed plan for the transfer of select Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz) to Serbia.

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It is estimated that within 24 hours there will be hundreds of Russian commandos in Serbia, that is, in Kosovo.

In the Serbian media question, how Russian aircraft will arrive in Serbia, as NATO states are interfering … the Kremlin response was:

“We do not need NATO’s license. We do not really believe that Bulgarians, Romanians or Hungarians will dare to shoot down Russian aircraft. Do not forget that Russia is the most powerful military force in the world.”

Otherwise, as the Serbian media says in Serbia’s Defense Strategy, there is the possibility of knocking out enemy targets in Kosovo and from a distance with Russian missiles either by ships or by land.

Yesterday again, we emphasize this, for the second time, Serbian Fighter Sokol G-4 GALEBs broke the “sound barrier” disrupting the Albanian residents of Presevo, who were out of their homes.

Early in the morning, Albanians living in Serbian territory in one of the most dangerous for destabilization areas constantly watched Serbian fighters flying low passages and virtual bombings in the Presevo valley or “eastern Kosovo” as the Albanians call it.

See the video:

KFOR, in a statement, explained that this move by Serbian aviation was not a threat from Serbia and that Serbian aircraft were maneuvering.

The Balkans are a field of conflict of interest between NATO, Russia and Turkey. Who will win in the new showdown, we have to see…

Translated from Penta Postagma.


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