Putin: We are the ones bringing peace to Syria

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MOSCOW, Russia – Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with journalist Vladimir Solovyov, included in a documentary dubbed World Order 2018, that Russia has been following its own path in bringing peace to Syria as it is more effective then any other initiative.

“The thing is that we did not seize anything. We have just been following our own path, which has proved effective and produced positive results for all,” Putin said.

While speaking about the 2017 trilateral talks on Syria, which involved Russia, Iran and Turkey, Putin said that “to a certain extent, the goal was to finalize the decisions that we had already reached, particularly those concerning the southern de-escalation zone and agreements with Israel and the United States, who were also directly involved in the talks without revealing themselves.”

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The Syrian War has been ongoing since March 2011. Despite this, Russia did not enter war until September 30, 2015 when it was cordially invited to do by the Syrian government. This is in stark contrast to the US who has operates at least ten military bases illegally on Syrian territory.

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