Russia arrests Ukrainian prankster-provocateur in absentia

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The representative of the Ukrainian Security Service, Yelena Gitlianskaya, said that pranker Evgeny Volnov, who spread false rumors on the Internet about an alleged 300 people killed in the Kemerovo fire, will not be extradited from Ukraine.

According to her, this is a “general practice”, according to the Constitution of Ukraine. “We do not extradite our citizens,” said a representative of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Volnov had called the Kemerovo morgue in wake of the fire, introduced himself as an emergency worker, and stated there are about 300 bodies in the mall. The morgue worker was perplexed to hear this, and stated they only have room for 70. The rumour was later repeated online – and was spread like wildfire (no pun intended.) Moscow Navalny-supporters took to the streets claiming 400 dead children.

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Russian authorities have launched a criminal case against Volnov, calling for his extradition.  He is arrested in absentia.


Source Vesti
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