Russia blasts Johnson as “a poisoned toxin of hatred, anger, unprofessionalism”

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The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, commented on the words of British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler.

According to Peskov, this is a “disgusting” idea, not appropriate for the head of British diplomacy.

“It is an absolutely disgusting statement, it does not fit the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, any country,” he said.

The Foreign Ministry called Johnson “a poisoned toxin of hatred, anger and unprofessionalism.”

“With the poisoning of the Skripals, there is no clarity due to the refusal of the UK to provide information, then things go haywire with Boris Johnson: it is obvious that he is poisoned by a toxin of hatred and anger, unprofessionalism and therefore rudeness,” the ministry said.

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Comparison of Russia with the Third Reich was sounded the day before at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on international affairs – Johnson agreed with the words of Labor Party deputy Jan Austin.

“Putin is going to use it (World Cup socce), As Hitler used the Olympic Games in 1936. As a PR move,” the British MP said.

Lets not forget the enormous cost of the USSR in the defeat of Hitler in WWII. In the context of diplomatic protocols, this just does not fit any framework. It seems Britain is rapidly degrading in terms of competency, historical memory and intellectual analysis.

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