Russia warns US transporting terrorists to Afghanistan

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Moscow is concerned about the growing terrorist activity of Taliban militants in various parts of Afghanistan, as well as the growing presence of the Islamic State terrorist group in the northern Afghan provinces bordering on the CIS countries . This was stated in the commentary of the Russian Foreign Ministry, published during the visit of Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, to Tashkent to attend the International Conference on Afghanistan.

Moscow’s concern is also caused by the use of helicopters in various regions of Afghanistan without identification marks for the transfer of militants and Western-style weapons to the Afghan “wing” of this terrorist group. Statements by Afghan officials confirming such facts require the most serious investigation.

In 2017, Afghanistan recorded a record production of poppy (opium). Through the Central Asian countries, large volumes of Afghan heroin are exported to Russia. At the same time, Afghan drugs provide substantial financial “fueling” to terrorists and extremists both in Afghanistan and outside the country.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry supports the International Conference on Afghanistan in the context of the development of activities of the SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group.

Source Vesti
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