Russian cargo plane loses tonnes of gold


In Yakutsk, an An-12 plane had its manhole door torn off during takeoff with a strong gust of wind. It continued on its flight, scattering its cargo – bars of gold.

As stated by the press service of Yakutsk airport, during takeoff the cargo plane of the airline “Nimbus”, the cargo hatch became undone due to air flow. After this, the crew of the aircraft decided to turn back. As a result, the plane landed safely in the village of Magan, 12 kilometers from Yakutsk.

According to Channel 112, there were about 10 tons of gold and platinum ingots on board, some of which which fell out. In addition, as noted by YakutiaMedia, the plane could also also have been carrying diamonds. It is said that all the ‘lost’ gold has been accounted for and insurance is not an issue that will be raised.

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Currently, the area around the airfield is cordoned off, a check is in progress, during which the causes of the incident will be established. It is noted that the aircraft was deemed same for the flight by the technicians that are part of the crew.

Source Lenta
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