Russian messenger “Telegram” refuses to be read by FSB

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A representative of Telegram, Ramil Akhmetgaliyev, said that the FSB will not receive keys to decrypt users’ correspondence, despite the decision of the Supreme Court.

“To date, Telegram has not responded to the FSB request, the company considers it its duty to keep the confidentiality of users’ correspondence,” he explained.

Akhmetgaliyev clarified that as a result of such a decision, Telegram can be fined, but its full blocking for use is possible only after Roskomnadzor’s appeal to the court.

On Tuesday, March 20, the Supreme Council granted the Federal Security Service to appeal Telegram regarding the transfer of keys for the decryption of correspondence. Roskomnadzor said they would block the messenger within 15 days, if Telegram refuses the court’s decision.

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Roskomnadzor is Russia’s internet safety agency, whereby major pornography sites and those that propagate terrorist activity, teenage suicides and others are routinely blocked on the territory of Russia.

The reality is that all major messengers, such as What’s App, are not fully encrypted – in that special services can access them should the need arise.  This leaves Telegram as an easy method of communication for those engaged in illegal activity, such as child trafficking and others. The question is the extent that the authorities should be able to access suspicious communication.

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