Russian police find 26 pairs of human hands

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Local residents of Russia’s Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk have made a gory discovery, when  a severed hand of a human male was reported to the police. When law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, they discovered a total of 26 pairs of human hands.

It is reported that these are probably biomaterials of unidentified bodies. Hands are kept by morgues when a corpse is not able to be identified for some time and begins to decompose. Hands are kept for fingerprinting purposes, in case identity is able to be confirmed at a later stage.

The authorities are now determining how the biomaterials, which belong in a morgue if anywhere at all, ended up blatantly thrown out in the suburbs. One of the versions is that these were stolen – but for what purpose? Who was in charge of the ‘collection’ at the morgue? Thirdly, where are the corpses? It is first imperative to rule out any criminal activity, as it may pertain to organ trafficking, by matching morgue data with the ‘owners’ of the hands.

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Source SV Pressa
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