Russians vote in Paris, as well as French actor Gerard Depardieu

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The French actor Gerard Depardieu, who has had Russian citizenship since January 2013 , has voted in the Russian presidential elections in Paris. He appeared at the polling stations about 10:20 in a leather jacket and sunglasses. As the actor himself said, he voted “with patriotic feelings, with a feeling of love for Russia.”

At the Russian embassy in Paris,  Russians came as soon as it opened and by 11:00 local time (13:00 Moscow time), a whole line of those wishing to vote lined the embassy. The turn out, ulike the forecasts of some mainstream media, is looking to be quite high at first glance. In addition to Depardieu, the widow of the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Natalia, voted as well as the permanent representative of Russia to UNESCO Alexander Kuznetsov.

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Source Vesti
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