Savchenko arrested, may face life in prison for High Treason


The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Nadezhda Savchenko, may be accused of high treason, said political analyst Taras Chornovil.

Savchenko was earlier arrested at the Rada. She was read the text of her arrest obligations in the parliament building, after which she walked to the detention center. She faces from five years of imprisonment to life imprisonment.

“I think that the case will be based on “high treason”, but it can drag on for some time.” Chornovil said on 112 Ukraine TV channel.

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In the parliament they showed a video where Savchenko allegedly is discussing preparation for a coup
In the parliament they showed a video where Savchenko allegedly is discusses preparation for a coup. Recently, Savchenko has spoken out about her knowledge of who led the Maidan, and organised the snipers in the city square. She blamed key Ukrainian politicians, currently in the position of power. While Savchenko is a former killer of the Ukrainian airforce, it can be said that such statements require courage.


“She is charged with articles that provide for an absolutely uncontested measure of restraint in the form of detention,” said the political scientist.

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Source RIA
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