Savchenko ready to throw her Hero of Ukraine medal in Poroshenko’s face

"The title of Hero can be given, but it can not be taken away. We all know this perfectly"


Ukrainian war criminal and Verkhovna Rada deputy Savchenko said that she would surrender her military awards. According to her, she accepted the “Hero of Ukraine” from the hands of Ukrainian President Poroshenko because “she did not want to throw it in his face.”

“I was born without a golden star and the title of Hero. I didn’t change when I got this star, and I will not change whether I have it or whether I don’t. Now there is a very good action: Everyone should hands back Hero of Ukraine, or any other awards, from the president. I think the time will come when I will throw this star in the president’s face” she said.

“The title of Hero can be given, but it can not be taken away. We all know this perfectly,” the deputy added.

Earlier today it became known that Savchenko is now included in the database of the terrorist site Mirotvorets, where it is claimed she is “aiding terrorism and treason.”

According to the report, Savchenko supervised the draft terrorist act in Kiev, which prosecutor general of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko denounced from the rostrum of the parliament.

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Recall, Savchenko said that the current speaker of the Rada Parubiy personally took snipers to the hotel “Ukraine” during the events on the Maidan in 2014. However, later she apologized to him and said that she had in mind another person.

“If I said Parubiy, then I apologize. I do not remember how I said exactly, but if I said the name Parubiy, I wanted to say and I meant Pashinsky,” Savchenko said.

Also yesterday, Andriy Geraschenko, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said that Savchenko was involved in the preparation of a coup d’état.

Savchenko also called it criminal that the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine of introduced the idea of her arrest, adding that her exclusion from the parliamentary committee on national security and defense is illegal.

Note that Savchenko admitted that she testified against the president of Ukraine Poroshenko in European venues. In addition, on Thursday she came to parliament with weapons. Ukrainian media also wrote that in addition to firearms Savchenko brought grenades into the parliament.

Source Novorosinform
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