SEE awesome footage of Syrian Army in liberated East Ghouta town

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces Division liberated the terrorist-controlled district town of Mudayrah in the East Ghouta area to the east of Damascus city center, footage filmed on Sunday shows.

The liberation of Mudayrah allowed for the East Ghouta region to be split into two pockets, putting the towns of Duma and Harasta in the north but separated from Irbin and Jobar in the south. This would severely hamper terrorist resistance efforts against the Syrian Army.

Although premature reports were made yesterday, Fort Russ News can now confirm that the town of Harasta is now besieged by the Syrian Army, primarily by the elite 4th Mechanized Units.

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They finally achieved this outcome after liberating the last few hundred meters of the Harasta Orchards on the Harasta to Duma road.

Further details of this achievement, including a detailed map, can be found here.

Although the Syrian Army has liberated over 53% of the enclave, it still has not liberated the major towns of Duma, Harasta, Irbeen or Jobar. However, with East Ghouta splitting, it is expected terrorist positions will continue to collapse as they are isolated from each other.

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