Sobchak proposes “primaries” for liberal opposition candidates


The candidate for the presidency of Russia Ksenia Sobchak has proposed to hold “primaries” for liberal opposition candidates, on Presidential election day – March 18th. The winner should lead the “liberal coalition.”

“I think that it would be a good idea to create so-called primaries for liberal opposition candidates within the framework of this election, let’s do it. Let the strongest win. Whoever gains most support should lead the general liberal opposition coalition, I think it would be fair.”Sobchak said at a meeting with voters in Samara on Saturday.

She added that, however,  such a proposal would not find much support. “You see, no one wants to be in second place, even if though everybody wins that way. I believe that when people unite, they create power, and I’m ready to unite”, Sobchak said.


“I will be the president who will voluntarily reduce presidential powers, I, as you know, stand for the parliamentary republic, I believe that in Russia, where any president inevitably turns into a king, it is the act of refusing such power that is the most important thing for the president, “Sobchak said.

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She added that “she is just the person that can do it.”

A reminder that the 1993 constitutional crisis, which ended in a military standoff in the center of Moscow – arose out of equal powers of President Yeltsin and the Parliament. One could not override the other, and as such the two sides came to an impasse. The constitution was amended to prevent this situation from occurring.

Has Sobchak thought this through?


Source RIA
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