Sobchak to run for Governor, if President doesn’t work


Presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak said that if she may run for the election of the governor of Samara if she does not win the presidential election. On Saturday, she met with voters in Samara.

According to Sobchak, Samarans are worthy of a better governor, and the current “inconspicuous and unremarkable” Dmitry Azarov is not at all an optimal option. In this regard, the presidential candidate noted that she does not have any metropolitan snobbery (in terms of running in a smaller city than Moscow). “It may be much more promising to come to Samara and show that it is possible to make a metropolitan city out of it”, – she said.

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She also stated that during her election campaign she visited more than 20 Russian regions which represent how ordinary people live. Their main problems Sobchak named are poverty and social disorder. “And the most difficult part of my job is to explain to them the relationship between rotten pipes, emergency housing, insane housing prices and the current authorities,” said the candidate for the post of head of state.


Source Vesti
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