Sole movie theatre survivor lost two daughters in blaze


A man who had shut the door in one of the cinemas in Kemerovo lost two of his daughters in the fire and is still in the hospital himself – he was the only survivor among the trapped movie goers.

His wife Olga, referencing a video from a surveillance camera, stated that the man with a view to save children had shut the movie theatre door and lined all the cracks with clothes so that the smoke would not penetrate inside.

“Both my daughters were in the cinema on March 25. The long-awaited cartoon started and ended on schedule, the theatre was full of children and parents, everything was as usual. At the end of the session, the lights came on. Someone opened the door but there was nothing but smoke, heat, then there were screams,” Olga said, based on the words of her husband who had called her.

There was no alarm. She states the men in the room actually locked the door and lined all the cracks with clothing, deciding to wait inside for the arrival of firefighters.

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“All the other doors in the hall were locked, they could only breathe through a cloth. When the children began to lose consciousness, the adults decided to try to escape, most of the children were already unconscious. The emergency exit door was knocked out, but within two steps my husband lost consciousness. He was dragged out of the corridor, and the children were left behind. All who were there, died there. My Veronica and Vasilisa could not get out of this hell, “- said Olga.

Why was the emergency exit locked?

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