“Surprise!” – competition for names for newest Russian weapons closes

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The Ministry of Defense has summed up the results of the competition for choosing  names for new types of Russian weapons, in particular those mentioned by President Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly.

Putin announced the competition at 8:15 of the following video:

The newest nuclear cruise missile was named “Burevestnik”(translates to Mallemuck, one of several largest oceanic birds.)  According to the Defense Ministry’s website , 34.8 percent of the contest participants voted for the name. The missile was also offered the names “Palmyra” (almost 33 percent of the vote) and “Surprise” (32.5 percent).

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The underwater drone, capable of carrying nuclear ammunition, will be called “Poseidon”. This option scored about 36.9 percent of the vote. Next in line were “Aurora” (32.5 percent) and “Surf” (about 30.5 percent).

The newest Russian combat laser complex was named “Peresvet” – 40.8 percent of the vote. There is no close translation in English but literally it means “over-light”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about new types of weapons while delivering a message to the Federal Assembly on March 1. He announced that the Defense Ministry launch an Internet poll to choose names for them.

Source Lenta
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