“Syria is no longer just a proxy war” – Lavrov


The Russian Foreign Minister has stated that special forces from the US, Britain, France and other countries are actively working in Syria. “This is not so much a proxy war, as direct involvement in the war,” the minister said.

Lavrov recalled that the presence of the troops in Syria of all the countries, except Russia, is illegal. But Russia understands the complexity of the situation, so “our military is in constant contact with the US commanders.”

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Lavrov also spoke about the situation in the suburbs of Damascus – East Ghouta. According to the minister, three terrorist organizations; Feiljak Ar-Rahman, Jays al-Islam and Ahrar Al-Sham, have formed a joint command with Al-Nusra at its head. As the minister said, now there is a hope that, as a result of the efforts of the Russian military in the negotiation process, these groups will be separated.


Source Vesti
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