Syria through Italian eyes III: Trappist Nuns on Ghouta and the Western press

in areas secured by the army (unlike those controlled by 'others') we, Christians and Muslims, still live together.


The letter from the Trappist nuns in Syria, foundation of the Italian Valserena Monastery, continues…

But, appealing to the common sense of all, even non-believers: what is the real alternative that the West invokes for Syria? The Islamic State, Sharia? This, in the name of freedom and democracy of the Syrian people? But do not make us laugh, or rather, do not make us weep …
But if you think that in any case it is never legitimate to compromise, then for consistency we remind you, just to make a small example, that you could not make petrol ‘without compromise with the strong powers’, given that most companies have bought cheap oil from ISIS, across the bridge provided by Turkey: so when you drive a few kilometers, you do it thanks to the death of someone from whom this oil was stolen, consuming the diesel oil that might otherwise have provided heat for the house of some child in Syria..
If you really want to bring democracy into the world, make sure of your freedom from the satrapies of the West, and worry about your ownconsistency, before intervening in behalf of others.
Last but not least, one should not at least suspect the fact that if a Christian or a Muslim denounces the atrocities of jihadist groups, it is passed in silence, and he finds only a rare media echo, for marginal rivulets, while those who criticize the Syrian government gain the front pages of the big media. Does anyone remember the interview or an intervention by a Syrian Bishop in some important newspaper of the West? [FRN has published several of these. Read them! Just use our searchbox, and enter the term “Archbishop”–Tr.] One can disagree, obviously, but true information supposes different points of view.

Moreover, those who speak of an interested reverence of the Syrian Church towards President Assad as a defense of the short-sighted interests of Christians, prove that they do not know Syria, because in this land Christians and Muslims live together. It was only this war that hurt cohabitation in many parts, but in areas secured by the army (unlike those controlled by ‘others’) we still live together. With deep wounds to be mended, today unfortunately also with great difficulty to forgive, but still together. And good is good for everyone: I am witness to the many works of charity, relief, development run by Christians and Muslims together.
Of course, the people who live here know this, even in the midst of so many contradictions, not those who write from behind a desk, with their many stereotypes of opposition between Christians and Muslims.

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“Lord, liberate us from the war … and liberate us from the malice of the press …”.
With all due respect to journalists who really try to understand situations and actually inform.

— The Trappist Sisters in Syria, March, 2018

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