Syria through Italian eyes. Part one of three

Text by Enrico Vigna, of the Centro di Iniziative per la Verità e Giustizia, prefacing a series of articles about Syria...

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For the Syrian people and all of Syria, this is a historic and military moment fundamental to its future and its path to the liberation of one’s homeland and country.

Under assault for 7 years by terrorists, jihadists, foreign mercenaries and international powers, from the US to Israel, from Turkey to Qatar to Saudi Arabia, this people and its Syrian Arab Army, its People’s Forces, united in the National Defense Forces, with the hundreds of militias of villages and towns of the Local Defense Forces, expression of ALL the ethnic, religious, political and social components of the Syrian Society, are heroically resisting and now they have started a bloody and difficult journey towards reconquest and release of each hectare of their land. This victorious journey begun in recent months has precisely blown up the plans of destabilization and occupation of the country by the aggressors, provoking a furious military and scientific reaction of disinformation in Western public opinion; in the peoples of the countries that are the three quarters of humanity there is much more awareness and ability to orient themselves about the wars of aggression and occupation … perhaps because they know them directly on their skin and in their history …). Faced with this umpteenth media assault and prefabricated lies, to which very few journalists refuse to submit, we believe we are giving a modest informative contribution, through this GHOUTA SPECIAL, assembling the testimonies, appeals and detailed complaints concerning this phase of the history of the Syrian people, which some sites, magazines, independent media have published.

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For us at SOS SIRIA / CIVG, this is a part of our work, the other is that of SOLIDARIETA’ CONCRETA, through our Solidarity Projects in progress for years, and in the face of what is happening, and the frightening price that the Syrian population is paying, it will have a further push to further strengthen our material solidarity, to contribute, albeit modestly, to the resistance and the victory of the Syrian people, then, when the foreign mercenaries are vanquished and driven, they will decide the their future.

Source CIVG
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