Syrian Army continues impressive march in East Ghouta, liberates new town

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The Syrian Army has continued their impressive march against terrorist forces operating in East Ghouta, to the east of Damascus city center, and have liberated a new town.

The Syrian Army has liberated Reyhan, situated near the major town of the region Duma, and continues its operations against terrorist forces.

With the security of Reyhan, the Syrian Army are now in prime position to liberate Duma as well.

This comes as the collapse of terrorists operating in East Ghouta continues.

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Elsewhere in East Ghouta, with more than 12,000 civilians fleeing the region yesterday to reach the safety of Syrian government controlled areas, the evacuation has continued today.

So far over 2000 civilians have successfully fled terrorist areas. Some of the escapees are reporting that terrorists are shooting at civilians leaving from the Hamouriyah route in the southern pocket of East Ghouta.

Elsewhere in Syria, graphic images have emerged from the northwest city of Afrin after the Turkish air force just conducted an air raid that has killed at least 20 civilians and injured many more. The graphic images can be seen here.

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