Syrian Army has a busy night in East Ghouta, liberates many sites

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – After a slow day in East Ghouta because of the extremely strong winds that hampered Syrian Army efforts yesterday, pro-government forces were busy for most of the night against terrorist organizations.

The Syrian Army led by the 4th Mechanized Units and the Republican Guards liberated multiple farms, building blocks and orchards in the ‘Adrawani area last night in a powerful assault against terrorist forces.

This was a strategic move as the site approaches the important supply-line of Harasta-Duma (highway 5). The liberation of this highway would severely hamper supply lines between the two major roads.

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The elite Tiger Forces also stormed the Masraba area last night. With the eventual liberation of the town, the 1km gap can finally be closed and turn East Ghouta into two pockets.

With the powerful assault continuing into day break, the Syrian Army liberated many farms surrounding Masraba town, as the below photo demonstrates.

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