Syrian Army launches powerful assault on East Ghouta town

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces have begun a powerful offensive in Mudayrah in East Ghouta to the east of Damascus city center.

Mudayrah is a stronghold for both Faylaq al-Rahman and the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front, demonstrating the strong links between the Free Syrian Army that Faylaq al-Rahman are a part of and Al-Qaeda.

Although the Free Syrian Army and Al-Qaeda have always had strong connections and relations, this is overlooked by the mainstream media and Free Syrian Army activists in the West.

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It is expected that Mudayrah liberated, the Syrian Army can finally split the East Ghouta enclave into pockets, a feat it has not managed in many days of attempting. With the enclave split, Duma and Harasta in the north will be seperated from Jobar and Irbin in the south. This comes as the Syrian Army also attempts to surround and besiege Harasta as well, effectively creating three pockets if all offensive attempts are made.


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