Syrian civilian hilariously mocks jihadists leaving East Ghouta for Idlib – VIDEO

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – An unknown Syrian civilian has hilariously mocked jihadists who were being transported from East Ghouta to the east of Damascus city center to the terrorist-held Idlib province in northwest Syria.

In just over a month of operations, the Syrian Army has successfully liberated the overwhelming majority of the East Ghouta region from jihadist forces. As part of a deal, many jihadists agreed to stop fighting if they were transported out East Ghouta to Idlib province.

This has become a common occurence in Syria where terrorists reach a deal with the Syrian military to be transported from a location to Idlib.

However, in the video below, a Syrian civilian can be seen waving his shoe as convoys of buses carrying jihadists to Idlib province. It is considered extremely disrespectful in Arab culture to show the soles of your shoes, and as seen in the video, the civilian has no problem in showing it to many buses full of terrorists that drive by him.

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