Syrian jihadists capture two towns from the Syrian Army

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NORTH HAMA, Syria – An assortment of terrorist organizations have launched a new operation against the Syrian Army in northern Hama countryside dubbed as “Anger for Ghouta.” The supposed inspiration for such a desperate offensive in another part of Syria is meant to act out in revenge for the Syrian Army’s impressive drive against terrorist organizations in East Ghouta to the east of Damascus city center, as reported by FRN earlier today.

Since this offensive began, jihadist groups, primarily the Free Syrian Army affiliated Jaysh al-Izza and the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front and Turkistan Islamic Party, have captured the towns of Al-Hamameyah and Kernaz from the Syrian Army.


However, the two towns are still not secured by the jihadist forces with the Syrian Army still controlling an important hilltop that overlooks the town.

“If we are capable of holding the fort at the hilltop, the militants won’t be able to fortify positions in the two towns, and eventually we will restore them,” a military source told Al-Masdar News.

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Al-Masdar News also reported that more than 15 terrorists have already been killed, including Khattab Al-Huwyz, commander of the Shock Forces, who was killed while storming Kernaz.

Meanwhile, the same report also revealed that over 25 airstrikes by the Syrian and Russian air forces have devastated terrorist positions and gatherings.


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