Syrian MP to EU: Your beloved “moderate rebels” are now coming to Europe

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ALEPPO, Syria – A Syrian Member of Parliament has given a chilling warning to the European Union by telling them that their beloved moderate rebels are now on their way to Europe.

“Dear EU leaders.. don’t worry about your “besieged & starved” rebels no more. They are on their way to you..,” Syrian MP for Aleppo, Fares Shehabi warned the European Union from his Twitter account yesterday.

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The East Ghouta region to the immediate east of Damascus city center has since 2011 been a stronghold for terrorist groups, but in the last month has been almost entirely liberated by the Syrian Army. Only the town of Duma remains in the hands of terrorist forces, primarily Jaish al-Islam.

The EU has been one of the main rhetorical backers for terrorist groups in East Ghouta,, with EU leaders and media portraying them as “moderate rebels” despite launching mortars into civilian areas of Damascus on a daily basis and caging women to be used as human shields.

Europe has had a migrant crisis where thousands of undocumented men, many of them with significant sympathies or support for ISIS, has flooded in. With these terrorists in East Ghouta being transferred from that region to Idlib in northwest Syria on the border with Turkey, they now have a clear passage to leave Syria and reach Europe.

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