Terrorists are framing Assad in the use of chemical weapons – Putin

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Reports on the use of chemical weapons in Syria are false news and disinformation, according to the Russian president, in an interview with the American television channel NBC . The government of Syria has long destroyed chemical weapons, Putin recalled, adding that the responsibility for the use of chemical agents lies with terrorists and radicals. The crimes they commit are utilised to blame the Syrian President Bashar Assad, the Russian president said.

“Firstly, the government of Syria has long destroyed chemical weapons, and secondly, we know about the plans of the militants to stage the use of chemical weapons, as if by the Syrian army. Thirdly, these are all attempts that have repeatedly occurred in the recent past, these accusations are used  as a pretext for consolidating efforts in the fight against Assad. We all know this well, understandably and even uninterestingly. I would like to say: how boring, girls! [Russian movie quote]” Putin said.

“The bodies of the children who died from sarin gas – do you also want to say “how boring, girls?” Megyn Kelly asked.

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“Are you absolutely sure that these bodies are the result of the activity of government troops? To the contrary, I believe that this is the result of the activities of criminals, radical elements of society – terrorists,  “the Russian president said in response.

“Perhaps the dead bodies really did exist. It happens in a war. Why don’t you look at how [the US[ took Mosul, they erased everything to the ground. Look at how they took Raqqa –  the bodies have not even been taken out of the ruins yet nor buried. You don’t want to recall that?” said Putin.

Source Vesti
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