Terrorists will not negotiate in East Ghouta – report

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EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Terrorist forces in East Ghouta to the east Damascus have said that they will not withdraw from the besieged pocket, Reuters News Agency reported.

This was a surprising admission from the mainstream news agency as they have mostly avoided the subject that they are not willing to negotiate a peaceful end to the violence in East Ghouta.

“There are no negotiations about this subject. The factions of Ghouta and their fighters and its people are holding onto their land and will defend it,” Hamza Birqdar told Reuters in a text message.

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This comes as the Syrian Army has been making rapid advancements against terrorist forces located in East Ghouta. In only a few weeks of fighting over 45% of the pocket has been liberated by the Syrian Army.

However, the toughest fighting is yet to come as the Syrian Army are yet to storm a major town like Harasta, Jobar, Irbin or Duma. The Syrian Army however have liberated the western districts of Harasta, but are yet to make a major offensive to liberate the entirety of the town.

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