The danger of a new genocide against Hellenism from Turkey


ATHENS, Greece – We have repeatedly written that the fact that Greece in the Treaty of Lausanne did not require a condition of recognition of the genocide suffered by the Hellenism of Asia Minor, Thrace and Pontus, on the one hand “justified” and on the other encouraged the genocides to continue their devastating work over the coming decades against the Greeks of the City (Istanbul), Imbros, Tenedos and Cyprus.

It is a mentality that is inherent and indispensable part of the memory of the Turkish state, which is reproduced regardless of parties and persons exercising power.

Over the last few days, we have seen it in full application in Afrin. An area that not only has not sent a refugee to Greece and Europe during these seven years of conflict in Syria, but has been a refuge for a battered and stronghold of democracy and protection of the rights of children and women.

Turkey invaded with Russia’s permission, equipping and waging a salary of 20,000  jihadists, who have secured Turkish citizenship as a gift, on condition that they expel the Kurds from their homes and settle there together with other Sunni, Turkic and Arabic populations.

The aim is to eliminate the Kurds from Afrin. This is the definition of genocide.

In order not to consider that there is a dose of exaggeration in the above, we will present you with creepy elements about the involvement of a close associate of Tayyip Erdogan in genocide against a Greek businessman.

The Hurriyet newspaper since its inauguration in May 1948 by the superficial Islamic Jewish Sedad Simave was the long hand of power and the deep state. In 1994, the Doğan Group, whose owner comes from Argyroupolis of the Pontus region and was probably of Armenian origin, acquired 70% of the historical newspaper and the Milliyet newspaper.

Gradually, the Doğan Group acquired other newspapers, radios and televisions and became Turkey’s most powerful media group, continuing to be the long-standing hand of the Turkish deep state. I remind you of the role of Hurriyet in Imia as well as the announcement of the brutal murder of Solomos and Isaac. The Doğan Group was the major obstacle to the establishment of Erdogan’s authoritarian regime. That’s why he sent the Turkish GPP for control over the Doğan parent group, imposing millions of dollars in fines !!!

Thus, by making the Doğan Group hostage, in 2011 it managed to take control of the Milliyet and Vatan newspapers that were sold to a businessman friendly to Erdogan. In the meantime, he had imprisoned dozens of opposition press journalists, and having publicized the Sabah newspaper and Gunnell’s flagship, Zaman, with a million leaves in the face of the difficult elections of 2019, had to end with Hurriyet, CNN Turk and the other means of the Doğan Group. And that happened in the past days, with Erdogan controlling 80-85% of  media.

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But who is Erdogan’s friend who bought the flags of the Turkish deep state? His name is Erdogan Demiroman. As for his relationship with the Turkish president, in telephone interception allegedly made by Gulen’s gangs, Tayyip Erdogan is saying in 2013 to Demiroman that he does not like the cover of Milliyet at all, and his interlocutor tells him crying that it will not happen again.

But it is not only that. It is worthwhile to see who is the new oligarch of Turkish media and how he made his money. Erdogan Demiroman, born in Bursa, according to a complaint that has been investigated to date, became the owner of Archimedes (Turkish Arsimidis) after he had killed and burned the owner’s corpse in 1978 in Halkali, Istanbul.

Where is the strange thing? That the owner was a Greek of Constantinople and that despite the involvement of MIT and the Turkish General Staff, the truth was never revealed and justice was not given!

As a result, the company “Archimedes”, which deals with the automotive and spare parts sector, and a brick industry, which also fell into the hands of Demiromeren after being murdered by its owner, formed the basis of Demirören Holding, which acquired control of Turkey’s most important newspapers and television stations. From the research that we have done and is under way, the owner of Archimedes was knowingly murdered in the deep state because he was a Greek and to grab the property with an instrument that is now Erdogan’s long hand.

This country is essentially a state gang, as Abdullah Okalan had called it the debt of the Greeks, the Armenians, the Assyrians, and the Kurds, is to denounce it in the international community to create a ring that will force Turkey to recognize the genocide it has committed. If this is not done, this machine will continue to reproduce genocides, which are once again at the gates of Cyprus and the Aegean islands.

Time to wake up from the lethargy imposed by our accomplices, the deniers of Genocide!

Translated from Crash Magazine Online.


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