The link between Putin and Illuminati – “Secret World Governance” lecture [Video]

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Russian General and political figure, Konstantin Petrov was a doctor of technical sciences and a member of the NGO “International Informatization Academy.”. He was fired from the Russian Armed forces in the 2000s for unknown reasons. Then, he became one of the first scholars to tour Russia as a lecturer, with a special set of talks titled “Secret World Governance” – in which he told all of that, which is today considered “conspiracy”, including the programme for the “Golden Billion” (something along the lines of eugenics that seeks to preserve the wealthy population of the world.) But as we know, the word “conspiracy” itself was propagated by the CIA in order to make all those who speak up seem like loonies.

In this outtake, General Petrov speaks of the general structure of world governance by the elite. At that – he makes it clear, that current Russian president Putin never entered the equation as any kind of competition. However, having come from a Soviet intelligence background, he was able to play by the rules just long enough, to establish his own. Petrov mentions the position of current Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu – which could be viewed detrimentally. However, his statement must be evaluated in the context of time, before Shoigu became the Minister of Defense, under Putin.

Petrov died suddenly in 2009 – his lectures are difficult to find on the internet, but they are there, many hours of them. I encourage you to make up your own about this.

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