Thousands of children disappear from Sweden


Almost 4,500 migrant children have disappeared in Sweden over the past four years. This happened after they received notification of their deportation in response to asylum requests.

According to the authorities, they cannot account for 4492 children in the given time. This figure includes both those who arrived in the country on their own and those who came with their parents. According to the Swedish Agency for Migration, only in the first two months of 2018, 223 children disappeared. A year earlier, the indicator for the same period was a little lower – 152.

At present, there are no laws in Sweden concerning such situations, so it is not known what to do about those who disappear  during the application for asylum. At the end of 2017, the local Ombudsman for Children published a report in which he put forward a number of proposals. In particular, he recommended to search for the missing and, first of all, prevent their disappearance. However, none of the proposals have been  implemented.

In 2015, the EU experienced the most serious migration crisis since the Second World War, caused by the influx of refugees. More than a million immigrants from the countries of the Middle East and North Africa came to Europe.

Children generally do not organise themselves to travel on to other countries – where are they?

Source Lenta
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3 years ago

//.. no laws in Sweden concerning such situations, so it is not known what to do ..//
What kind of nonsense is that? Why do you need “laws” to look for a disappeared child?!

Josef Joseph
Josef Joseph
3 years ago

Victims for Elite, Jewish and Masonic pedophiles.

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