Tiny Iraqi village successfully fights back and humiliates ISIS

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ALBU MAR’IE, Iraq – A tiny Iraqi has become the talk of Diyala province after they successfully fought back against ISIS on Thursday night.

The village of Albu Mar’ie, a settlement with less than ten houses, managed to repel an ISIS attack on their own for over an hour.

The battle finally came to a conclusion after the Iraqi Army arrived an hour later.

However, to successfully drive back to the ISIS assault, even women took to arms to defend the village. News of this successful defense quickly spread throughout Haqi Al-Udhaim region, and then throughout Diyala province.

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Haqi al-Udhaim region is frequently attacked by ISIS, but this is the first time that ISIS has been utterly humiliated, especially by a village with literally only tens of people.


The Iraqi Army are now permanently embedded in the region so they can respond much quicker to any ISIS assault.

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