Trump and Juncker all alone as western pols and press close ranks against Russia

Congratulating Putin for his resounding election win presented as heresy in British and US press

Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Trump and V.V. Putin in Hamburg last year
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The reaction of the West to the foreseeable landslide victory of Vladimir Putin made it easy for the press to write the story in advance, and they obviously did, but the civilized congratulations from the President of the United States and the President of the European Commission gave western politicians and press alike a field day to arraign them both on charges of heresy. There is a “Europe-wide alliance against Russia,” and breaking with it is blasphemy. Just look…

Here is the Times of London‘s headline and subhead about Juncker’s proper and diplomatic response:

Juncker faces criticism for ‘nauseating’ Putin letter

Jean-Claude Juncker threatened to scupper British efforts to establish a Europe-wide alliance against Russia yesterday by congratulating Vladimir Putin and urging closer ties

And here is the letter. Heresy, plain and simple:

Juncker’s congratulations to President Putin

The press is uniform in complaining that Juncker never mentioned the poisoning of Sergei Skripal. The SUN puts it right in the headline:


EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker congratulates Vladimir Putin on election win and fails to mention spy attack on Britain


And here is the SUN’s lead paragraph:

“HAPLESS Jean-Claude Juncker has sparked international fury by telling Vladimir Putin he will “always be a partner” in a congratulatory phone call.

The EU boss was hit by a storm of condemnation for ringing the blood thirsty Russian president after his crooked election triumph on Sunday.”

Der Spiegel plays along dutifully with Theresa May.

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Spiegel cover: Death greetings from Moscow

Trump fared no better in the US press. CNN and CBS prominently quote Senator McCain in their stories about Trump’s postponed call to President Putin. The prominence to the McCain complaint is typically in the headline, as in USA TODAY which skips the congratulatory call from Trump to Putin, and goes straight to the predictable response from Senator McCain. Here is their headline:


Slamming Putin call, McCain goes after Trump for ‘congratulating dictators on winning sham elections’ 


American liberals (this writer used to be one) cheer anyone who denounces Trump, forgetting, for instance, that liberal icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt also won election to a fourth term. You don’t have to be a dictator to do it. All you have to do is rescue your country from the abyss: Roosevelt out of the Great Depression, and Putin out of the Yeltsin-Gorbachev morass.

German RT sums up the western press reaction. I translate:

From Soviet comparisons to allegations of authoritarianism, the coverage of presidential elections in Russia has hardly changed since 2004. Only new addition is the conspiracy theory, that Putin staged the Skripal case to increase the turnout.
As Putin thanked his followers from the stage on Red Square for a landslide victory, Western outlets were rolling out long-prepared news stories that, as an expression of “attitude,” generously blended news coverage and opinion. From a report by AP:

The elections were saturated with widespread reports of electoral fraud and forced ballots, but the complaints are unlikely to undermine Putin. The popularity of the Russian leader is high despite suppression of differences of opinion and accusations from the West over Russia’s increasingly aggressive stance in global politics and alleged interference in the 2016 US election.

German RT sums up the “Amerikanischen Blättern”  [in this context I really like the German word for papers, Blättern]  thus:

In its top report, CNN wrote that Putin “seeks a firmer hold on power,” while at the same time reminding readers that “he has been the country’s longest-serving leader ever since Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin” [which is not correct – this would be Leonid Brezhnev; RT]. CNN added that Putin “is facing confrontation with international players in this election.”

Of course, this summing up of the west’s reaction could be longer, but there is no use multiplying examples. It is time to sum it all up:
The US Deep State has the western press wrapped up, and the struggle to counter its influence and impact on the thinking of our fellow citizens must be fought, and not get shouted down. That is our mission at Fort Russ. We will not stop.

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