Turkey has now replaced diplomacy with military action

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ANKARA, Turkey – Top leaders of the EU said to Turkey’s President in Varna to stop the challenges in the Aegean and against Cyprus and to release the two Greek soldiers, who are imprisoned in a high security prison Adrianople.

European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Junger at a joint press conference with Recep Tayyip Erdogan from the EU summit – Turkey in Varna –  called on the President of Turkey to respect international treaties, international humanitarian law, if he wishes Turkey to join the European family soon.
In the wake of the EU summit – Turkish President Erdogan returning to Ankara, convened his country’s Security Council, only called in emergency cases and making serious decisions on foreign policy and security issues. During the meeting, as reported by pro-governmental Turkish media, energy issues related to Cyprus, issues of the Eastern Mediterranean, military operations in Syria and developments in the Aegean Sea were discussed. The conclusion of the 5-hour Session is that “Turkey, despite the breaks it receives, will not fall away from its interests and rights”, while in the statement that followed, Ankara accuses Athens of the fact that its attitude is inappropriate for good neighborly relations, because the vital interests of Turkey are threatened in the Aegean Sea. The Greek Government and the political parties should assess responsibly the conclusions of the meeting of the Turkish Security Council under Erdogan and, above all, provide the means for the Armed Forces to respond to their mission and respond to the Turkish aggression, which takes uncontrollable dimensions.

Erdogan aims to revise the existing international treaties (Lausanne and others) defining the border status, restoring the injustices which, in his view, were made at the expense of the defeated Ottoman Empire by the Great Powers and the emergence of Turkey in a strong regional superpower.

Challenges, military activity, and anxiety for the two Greek prisoners.

Informing the journalists accompanying him to Varna,Erdogan, said that at the Euro-Turkish session of the issue on the two Greek soldiers who were arrested “because they crossed the border and entered our military area” and the pressure they accepted to leave it free. The Turkish President’s response to the European leaders, as he revealed, is that “the issue is in Turkish justice. We have to wait for the court’s decision.” Indeed, a few hours later, the Adrianople prosecutor rejected the two Greek soldiers’ release because they did not have a permanent residence in Turkey (!!), proving that Turkish justice is being manipulated by Erdogan’s system of power! Therefore, the statement made by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the official press conference, following the conclusion of the EU summit, raises reasonable questions. – Turkey, in Varna, that: “I hope the detention of the two Greek soldiers will end before Orthodox Easter in a fair way”

It is characteristic that, after the rejection of the request for release, Turkish fighters were involved in a squabble with Greeks at Kastelorizo. We note that the rock islets around Kastelorizo ​​is the ideal target for Ankara to put its claims on a mandatory dialogue with Greece. And the next day, Gray Wolf Leader Devete Bahcelii and Erdogan’s ally, referring to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, said: “This guy tried to test our patience. He dared to rub his teeth in Turkey. The bottom of the sea is full and has overflowed with the grandparents of those who are today saying words of air ”

Responding to the increasing Turkish military activity in the Aegean Sea, with dozens of violations of Greek airspace and aeronautical exclusion of Greek islands and rocky islands as well as in Cyprus, are the exercises of the Greek Armed Forces’ preparedness in Evros and the Aegean islands. The most recent is the “Pyrpolitis” readiness. Units and three branches of the Armed Forces participated, and the select Delta Force, which is an Airborne Intervention Unit and is the spearhead of the Greek Army. Among the scenarios of the exercise were the occupation or recapture of rocky islands. The exercise was conducted in the Dodecanese region.

On the same day, the President of the Republic, P. Pavlopoulos, visited the Fleet Headquarters at the Salamina Naval Salon, also informed of the results of the “Pyrpolitis” exercise. In his statements the President of the Republic stated, among other things, that “the defense of our national sovereignty and of the borders of the European Union on behalf of our navy is well established, because the sea borders of our country and European Union are clearly and unequivocally defined by International Law as a whole “.

The exchange scenarios

Several fanciful scenarios or stupid statements of deputies are being circulated about the exchange of the two Greek military prisoners in Adrianople with the 8 Turkish soldiers who have requested political asylum in Greece. Supreme officers, characterize, as totally unacceptable these scenarios, wherever they come from, because, among other things, they are being exploited by Turkey. It is characteristic that the Turkish newspaper Yeniakit speaks of a “shuffle of the Greeks”, while, as the statements of the MP of ANEL K. Katsikis were made following the appointment of Erdogan for the possibility of the exchange, he presents the developments as a victory of the Turkish President. Undoubtedly, it is considered highly offensive, for Greek soldiers, to be treated as a product of exchange and trading.

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At the same time, new legal efforts to liberate them, in addition to the objection to the negative decision of the prosecutor, which they have already filed, will be taken over by the Turkish lawyers of our two militaries, although on the basis of the data so far, their.

As a senior military officer revealed to us, the priorities of the Greek side, which is considered to be a major issue, is the refutation as soon as possible of the information that is “targeted” to various Turkish media and state agency “ANATOLI” concerning the efforts of the Turkish judiciary to prove the charge of the attempted military espionage at the expense of the two Greek armed offenders. Also, the judging of the Adrianople Public Prosecutor’s Office for misconduct, which gives rise to a 5-year sentence, is considered a particularly worrying development.

The agony, for the fate of the two Greek prisoners who are imprisoned, is extended to a high security prison in Adrianople.

We expect the competent prosecutor, the charge and the date of the trial. The Turkish prosecutor has not yet made the exact indictment since, as the Turkish authorities claim, the investigation of the mobile phones of the two Greek soldiers has not yet been completed.

The week ending today began with the optimism of the Varna Summit, when Europe raised the issue with the President of Turkey and the statements of the President of the Commune, that until the Orthodox Easter, the issue will be solved. And it ends with the rejection of the second request for release, but also with the rejection of the objection to this decision.
The Turkish media are encouraging that they are often not mentioned in the possibility of military espionage. However, in their extensive publications, they state that two Greek soldiers face a prison sentence of up to five years for the illegal entry into a forbidden military area.

The climate in Greek-Turkish relations is not at a good level and the tension in the Aegean is escalating. The MINIMUM AND ALL MOVABLE UNITS are in increased readiness. The hot episode is not a “hypothetical” scenario!

Context, government, political parties, and public speech have to assess Greek-Turkish relations in their correct dimension. No complacency is justified …

Translated from Militaire.

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