Turkey’s top model rejects peaceful Greek offer, threatens an “Ottoman slap”

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ATHENS, Greece – A threat of an “Ottoman slap” was made by a model from Turkey against Greece because of its supposed attitude, as she said, towards her homeland.

Merve Akanat, who won the first prize in the Top Model of Turkey contest last week in Istanbul, told Turkish media that she rejected a proposal from Greece to participate in Athens Fashion Week in late March.

“I received a proposal for the Fashion Week in Athens on March 30th. But I recently dismissed it because of Greece’s attitude towards my country,” she said.

“Greece must know that we are grandson of Ottomans. We know to stretch an olive branch, but also to give Ottoman slaughter wherever it should,” she said without any sense of shame that it is her President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that is continually making threats to not only Greece, but all of Turkey’s neighbors including Bulgaria, Armenia, Iraq and Syria.

The model said it was cheerful to win the competition and proud to represent her country in the Top Model of the World to showcase her top model in the world, but she did not intend to redeem her success by following her career on television or acting but will focus on modelling.

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Despite majority of Turks thinking Greeks are hate Turkey, a Turkish personality has done several shows where he asks regular Greeks off the streets on their thoughts of Turks. The overwhelming majority view Turks positively.


Translated from Crash Magazine Online.

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