Turkish-led forces battle each other in Afrin over spoils of war/looting

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AFRIN, Syria – Violent clashes broke out on Sunday, March 25, between the “Hamzah” and the “Ahrar Al Sharqiya” group using medium weapons in direct confrontations, the first of its kind between the factions of the Turkish-led “Olive Branch” forces in Afrin.

Many of the dead and wounded were killed in the areas of Al-Ra’i roundabout and Mazra’at Al-Emad.

“The clash broke out because of the fighting over the spoils and the division between the two factions,” a source told STEP News. “The Ahrar al-Sharqiya group seized a civilian car, an agricultural machinery and a house. Hamzah assaulted the assembly sector to take the spoils and seize again, which led to the outbreak of a clash between the two factions, resulting in the deaths of many.”

A field source said there was an intervention of the military leadership of the Free Syrian Army and officers of the Turkish army to control the situation, which is the first among the factions that fought the Kurdish units of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the region of Afrin, and the region has seen a relative calm during the past hour where things are going well between the two sides now.

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After the meeting, which included the leaders of the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” and the “Hamzah” and the presence of officers representing the Turkish army, the parties reached an agreement to stop the clashes between the two parties immediately, and hand over loot stolen from civilians who evacuated these areas to a neutral organization and release detainees from both parties. The transfer of detainees and weapons must be made in addition to the return of all points and premises to what they were before the dispute, and therefore the parties will abide by the decisions of the Court or the neutral authority approved.

Translated from Step News.

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