Ukraine violates Donbass truce – loots abandoned homes

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DONETSK, Donbass.

Excerpts from today’s briefing by the deputy commander of the Republic  of Donetsk, Eduard Basurin.

“After a brief relative calm, the Ukrainian invaders again violated the agreement, once again jeopardizing the establishment of peace in the Donbass.

In the Donetsk direction, Staromikhailovka and Yasinovataya had four 120-mm mines fired,  grenade launchers and small arms were also used.

Yesterday Ukrainian militants again committed aggression against civilian objects. A civilian truck belonging to the municipal enterprise “Water of Donbass”, was travelling through the city of Yasinovataya towards the Donetsk filtering station.

At 11.40 the vehicle was shot at from small arms from the positions of Ukrainian fighters. As a result of the bombardment, the truck  was badly damaged. Fortunately, the driver was not injured.

In total, during the past day, two violations of the ceasefire regime were registered.

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As we have repeatedly noted, the anti-constitutional law “On the reintegration of Donbass” has seen a resurgence of violence in the region.

We constantly receive information from residents of the territories occupied by Kiev about crimes against civilians.

In the villages of Bogdanovka, Krasnogorovka, Verkhnee Zaitsevo, Gladosovo and Travnevoye, Ukrainian occupants actively dismantle the houses left by the residents and use stolen goods to improve their living conditions in dugouts as firewood and building materials.

And now to something a little more pleasant. On behalf of the command of the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic I want to congratulate all women of Donbass with International Women’s Day!

In particular, women servicemen, who at an uneasy time have come to defend their land. Dear women! I wish you more smiles, to always feel loved, happy, most necessary and inspire us to do great deeds, so that you can raise our children under peaceful skies! ”


Source Rusvesna
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