Ukrainian and DPR forces clash near Mariupol, casualties

DPR and UAF both take losses, UAF attack repelled

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Ukrainian forces have made yet another attempt to aggravate the situation late Friday night, attacking DPR forces.

In the theatre in the area around Mariupol, Ukrainian forces carried out a military sortie. A 15-man reconnaissance group, under the cover of mortar fire, attempted to seize positions of the DPR on the line of contact.

There was a clash, during which one of the soldiers of the armed forces of the DPR was wounded and another was taken prisoner. However, the Ukrainian forces were not able to carry out their plans. Well equipped reinforcements repelled the Ukrainians and threw them back.

Ukrainian forces suffered losses – two dead and at least two wounded.

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The attempt to seize DPR positions and the captured DPR serviceman confirms the preparation of the enemy for active offensive missions, in spite of the current truce and ceasefire. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine seeks to obtain intel on the construction of the defenses, and the divisions of the armed forces of the DPR at the forefront.

The DPR claim they are ready to repulse Ukrainian aggression. Also, they state their command will take the necessary measures to liberate the captured serviceman.  The standard treatment of DPR servicemen in Ukrainian captivity features their special services applying measures of psychological pressure on them, as well as psychotropic substances and torture to obtain intelligence, and also coercive techniques to have the captured servicemen make false statements to Ukrainian media.


from Rusvesna, translated by J. Flores
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