UPDATE: Kurdish YPG directs members from fighting ISIS to Turkish-led forces

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AFRIN, Syria – It has now been confirmed by US military sources that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have redirected its fighters from the fight against ISIS in eastern Syria to take on Turkish-led invaders, most likely in the northwest province of Afrin.

FRN earlier reported that the Kurdish forces will open a new front against the Turkish-led forces in northern Aleppo countryside who dub themselves as “Euphrates Shield”. The bulk of the new front will be concentrated around the major town of Manbij that currently has US military personnel.

Sources in the Pentagon revealed that the YPG have decided to “leave” the fight against ISIS remnants in the middle Euphrates valley region to “fight elsewhere, possibly in Afrin.” This however does not rule out Manbij as said in the original FRN report.

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This redirection comes as Turkish-led invaders, including their Syrian proxies, are now making rapid advancements against YPG-held Afrin region. Although the first few weeks of the Turkish-led operations made little gains, it appears YPG defenses are now collapsing as Turkish-led forces capture site after site on a daily basis with weak resistance.

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