Update on crashed Russian plane in Syria

Russian media has yet to release info on the crash


LATAKIA, Syria – Following up on yesterday’s report on the downed Russian AN-26, we have found the following. Russian media has yet to release any photos or further information on the status of the investigation into the crash.

What we know: With 32 dead, 26 on board and 6 crewmen, according to preliminary data, the An-26 had been operating in Syria since 2015, and had the on-board number RF-36162 (“26 red”). The plane built in 1980 was used, among other things, to hold press tours for journalists. One of these tours took place in September 2017. Then, for the same purpose, another AN-26 was used with the b / n RF-93996 (“24 red”). Despite this, the crashed airplane, at the moment is considered to be number 26 red ( but according to other sources – An-26 c b / n RF-92955 “52 red”).

The plane flew from the Kuwait airbase in the province of Aleppo to the airbase Hemeymim in the province of Latakia. The distance between the bases is just under 200 kilometers. At 14:51, when approaching the landing, approximately 500 meters from the runway, the aircraft collided with the ground. As a result, 26 passengers and 6 crew members were killed. It is reported that not all on board were servicemen – several passengers were civilians.

Previously, FRN reported that:

According to the Lebanese edition of Ad-Diyar , the militants issued a statement alleging that they shot down the plane 100 meters from the ground during its approach to land, in retaliation for “Russia’s actions in East Guta.”

“We responded by firing on the plane with 30 Russian soldiers aboard, who came to kill the Syrians,” the group said.

As a result of the crash of the Russian An-26 in Syria ,  39 people were killed. The Russian Ministry of Defense previously reported that the plane was not shot down but suffered a malfunction.

The story is being updated

The first report on the plane crash in Syria was published by the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense at 16:40 – almost 2 hours after the incident. At the moment there are no photos or videos from the site of the fall. Nevertheless, the network is distributed photos either at least a year ago, or in general of another aircraft (in particular, Il-76). The lack of materials can be explained by the fact that the Russian military are jamming mobile communications (and, as a consequence, mobile Internet), and the crash site is cordoned off.

This catastrophe has become the largest single loss of Russian military in Syria since the beginning of the operation in this country.

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