US jumps on Skripal case with more sanctions, ignores relevant legislation

10 1,061

A Senate Democrat of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Robert Menendez, said that Congress could push Trump to impose new sanctions against Russia due to the poisoning of former Colonel  of the GRU, Sergey Skripal.

Menendez recalled the 1991 law on the control of chemical weapons. According to him, the president must find out whether Russia has used chemical weapons and, and impose sanctions. Focusing on the statement of British Prime Minister Theresa May, the senator called Russia’s actions “devastating and cruel” and said that they should entail “real consequences .”

The senator mentioned the case of the poisoning of Kim Jong-un’s brother Kim Jong- Nama . After this incident, the United States introduced a list of countries that sponsored chemical terrorism (along with Iran, Syria and Sudan). Menendez assumes that the administration will consider including Russia in this list.

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The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that, according to the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons , London had to urgently apply to the country suspected of using the toxin and to give it access to the specified poisonous substance. The Convention provides for a period of 10 days for the matter to be answered, Lavrov stressed. London gave Russia 24 hours.

Source Vesti
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